The Staff

  • A high degree of professionalism, commitment, dedication to duty and competence are the major traits which set the teaching faculty of St. Thomas Residential School as a class apart from the rest. The students who enter the portals of this institution are trained, guided, taught and moulded into responsible citizens by highly qualified teachers who are well equipped to train and ignite young minds.

  •  Since a good teacher is always a learner, faculty improvement programmes are conducted from time to time to fine tune skills and update knowledge. Seminars, workshops and counseling sessions conducted by expert resource persons help to keep the teachers aware of the latest, in educational technology.  All the teachers are  computer savvy and well equipped to handle IT enabled teahing and online sessions. They prepare power point presentations on varied topics to make the classes more appealing. Book Review sessions conducted by the teachers help to kindle interest in reading books and journals.

  • The discernment and fine judgment gained by experience have given the teachers, expertise in discovering and developing talent.  A close bond based on mutual trust, affection and respect exists between the teacher and the student, making the teaching- learning process a rewarding one. 
    The Annual Athletic Meet, Annual Day Programme, Santhome Fest, Onam and Christmas Celebrations, Inter School Oratorical contests, Drama and Debate are marvellous feats, where the students and the teachers join hands to produce a veritable feast to the senses.

  • The smooth conduct of the daily activities is ensured by the non-teaching staff who work round the clock with precision and meticulous care. The throbbing campus life, encompassing  food festivals, fun streak, picnics, family get-togethers and alumni meet is a miniature society in itself where all the members of the staff function as a single unit to fulfill the mission of the St. Thomas group of institutions.   

  • The members of the faculty of STRS form a tremendous task force comprising about 120. They are highly qualified and well equipped to handle their respective classes.

  • Every year, faculty improvement programmes are arranged in order to make the teachers aware of the developments occurring in the field of education and to keep them abreast of the advances in the field of educational technology.

  • The academic year begins with a three-day retreat attended by all the members of the staff. Invoking the blessings of God Almighty, the teachers begin their mission of disseminating knowledge and moulding the minds of the pupils.

  • A staff picnic is organized in order to develop better interaction among the teachers and to instil the spirit of adventure in them. All the activities of the staff club are organized under the guidance and direction of the Staff Secretary.  Festivals like Onam and Christmas are celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm.

  • The staff members function as a single unit to fulfil the mission of the St. Thomas group of institutions.

           Faculty Improvement Programme

  • Faculty Improvement Programmes are organized at the beginning of every year to ensure that the teachers are aware of the modern trends in education and the latest in each field. Resource persons from prestigious institutions give guidance in innovative methods of teaching. Seminars and Workshops arranged by various organizations are also attended by the teachers.