Other Facilities


For the convenience of students, parents and staff, the Mukkolakkal branch of the Canara Bank situated on the campus facilitates all types of monetary transactions. This makes all transactions hassle free and customer friendly. Payment of tuition fees, conveyance charges, exam fees and other deposits can be made through this bank which facilitates financial transactions on all week days from 9 am to 1 pm and  from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm.

Contact No:-0471-2732450



The Boarding of St. Thomas has the warmth and comfort of a home away from home. Here the students enjoy the camaraderie of togetherness while they learn lessons in self-reliance, discipline and etiquette. There are separate hostels for junior boys, senior boys and girls, each supervised by efficient wardens who ensure its smooth functioning and discipline.



The hunger pangs, parched throats and fatigued brains of St. Thomas get a welcome relief at the cafeteria which offers wholesome meals and a variety of delicious snacks. Our goal is to prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced and pleasing to the children. Food directly affects the  health, learning and lifetime wellness habits of students. We also integrate organic food when possible. Our cafeteria provides our students with the best food quality and healthy choices. Additionally, we continue to look for ways to ensure that our cafeteria is eco-friendly by reducing the use of plastic and other disposable items and providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use recycling system.
 The cafeteria caters to the requirements of the students, staff, parents and other visitors who may be in the campus. The cafeteria has 6700 sq. feet of space and can seat 300 comfortably.



School transportation plays a consistent and long-term role in the lives of children. Providing safe transportation for children to and from school and school-related activities is the top priority of ST.THOMAS SCHOOL.
An efficient transportation system operates to take the students to and from the school punctually and comfortably. Buses ply 33 different routes, making St. Thomas accessible to students from every part of the city and its suburbs.



At St.Thomas School, the well being of our students is of paramount importance. We provide nursing services to students and staff members to maximize the general health and wellness.  In our approach to health, we aim to achieve the very highest of standards. We also ensure that parents are kept fully informed regarding a student’s health not only in the case of major concerns but also in case of minor ailments.
The minor ailments and medical problems of the students are attended to at a well-equipped infirmary which functions throughout the day. A qualified nurse looks after the students who are admitted to the infirmary. A Medical Officer visits the campus on a regular basis to attend to the needs of the boarders.