Seminar Talk on Environmental Day

On June 7, 2024, a seminar by Prof. NV Chalapathi Rao, was held at our school for students of classes 11 and 12. Prof. N.V. Chalapathi Rao, is the director of NCESS and a renowned geologist who also holds a professorship in the Department of Geology at Banaras Hindu University. The topic of the seminar was "The Dynamic Earth: Evidences from Volcanoes." Prof. Rao, during his enlightening lecture, spoke at length about the dynamic nature of the Earth and the evidence that volcanoes provide to support this concept. He underscored the concept that our planet is not static but continually changing, with a significant emphasis on how volcanoes play a crucial role in this dynamism. He also broadened the discussion by addressing the field of Earth Science as a whole. The seminar was informative and interactive, leaving our curious students with a keen interest in the field of geo-sciences The seminar was an enlightening experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the Earth's dynamic nature among the attendees.